Working alongside a client’s brief, I apply my extensive experience and creative skill to document all aspects of a project, creating images that communicate its relationship to people and its environment, as well as its key design elements. I always search for an elegant composition that brings all these elements together, capturing the essence of the client’s vision.

Depending on the size and scope of a project, an architecture photography commission can include capturing either only exterior or interior elements, or it can include all aspects of a project. Commissions include any combination of daytime, dawn or dusk photography, high quality image post-production and editing, and finally the delivery of high-resolution images.

Prior to a shoot, I liaise with site contacts and all relevant parties if needed to ensure each project is prepared for the best possible outcome in terms of quality and range of photography.

Over many years, I have gained a refined knowledge of how to tailor and adapt my architectural photography experience to each client’s individual requirements.

I can offer flexible usage license terms, including unlimited usage and cost sharing with multiple parties.